H2O All day bar - restaurant

Kos, Dodecanese

Seaside all day bar - restaurant “H20” is part of “Kos Aktis Art Hotel”, at the center of the city of Kos and not far away from the harbor and the basic sightseeing.  It first opened its gates on May of 2005 having the ambition of gastronomically update Kos and to introduce a modern culinary philosophy.  Our basic target was to create a place where any customer depending on their needs and desires could visit anytime of the day and discover products of high quality, either beverages or food.  And indeed, “H20” has achieved in a short period of time to become a favorite spot for the residents of the island and the tourists, and for all the local journalists, politicians and other important people of the island.

Nowadays “H20” does not only serve its original purpose, but it has evolved into a place where both Greeks and foreign travelers can share the experience of the Dodecanese gastronomical tradition.   In the morning a home-made buffet is being served, with products made by local producers and producers from the rest of Greece.  Besides, it is not a coincidence that since 2012 it has been assigned the “Greek breakfast” certification.  During lunch, snacks and light dishes are being offered for those who are taking a break from work and a full menu for those that desire to have lunch by the sea.  At night, in a completely different atmosphere “H20” becomes a “bar-restaurant”.  Customers may enjoy their dinner with the company of a fine wine, or relax choosing their drinks from a great variety of alcoholic drink brands.

VP Legacy Group
VP Legacy Group