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Patmos, Dodecanese
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For those people that wellbeing and physical activity are an integral part of their everyday lives, hotel “Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa” offers wellness programs and outdoor activities throughout the summer.  An escape for a few days from stress, the fast pace and the routine of everyday life, could not be something less than a chance to get away and get in touch with nature. These outdoor activities include hiking, yoga, meditation, biking and exploring of the island’s sightseeing, while the wellness programs are more related to mind and body treatment.  Among them, there is a special place for seaside massage, where the guest is relaxing and only listening to the sound of moving water.  Of course, all the facial and body treatments, just like every activity inside or outside the hotel, are ideally completed with the perfect meals that are every time planned in such a way so they may cover the needs of each program.

From May to the end of September, the guests of our hotel may attend various kinds of yoga lessons, have functional training on the beach, participate in Pilates lessons, and even get to know the magnificent landscapes of the island.  Renowned trainers and yoga teachers, often organize a two-day or weekly escape trips to the Grikos bay.  The peaceful environment of the bay is perfect for concentration and allows to the travelers to get in touch with their inner selves. The combination of a healthy diet, daily exercise and meditation, helps maintaining the mind and body balance and consequently enhances the life quality of every person, offering spiritual growth, emotional stamina and mental health.

VP Legacy Group
VP Legacy Group