Corporate sustainability

s u s t a i n a b i l i t y

In VP Legacy Group, we believe that companies have the moral obligation to respect the environment in which they operate and to support effectively the local communities.  To achieve a sustainable development, a complicated series of actions is needed to be taken that would benefit both the natural environment and the members of every community.  Therefore, the corporate social responsibility program of our Group includes determined actions that are related to the protection and care of the natural environment, and of course, the relative awareness of our employees, of the travelers that visit us, and of the residents of the island of Kos. Also, apart from our own initiative, we voluntarily contribute to the environmental activities of other organizations and companies.

Meanwhile, every year we renew and add more to our sponsorship program, with the intention of, on one hand to support all the noteworthy individual or group efforts that take place in the fields of sports, culture and science, and on the other hand to help people in need. This program has the following four categories: 1) free of charge use of our areas and establishments for any cultural of charitable purposes 2) free accommodation in our hotels 3) offer of lunches and beverages during charity events 4) financial assistance. 

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