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Kos, Dodecanese
c u l t u r e

Culture is undoubtedly an integral part of the touristic identity in every place, and even more in the island of Kos, which has a rich history and an interesting folklore tradition.  Acknowledging the essential and decisive contribution of culture to the tourism product, Divine Hotels group has placed the support of cultural activities, the continuous development of every form of art, and the promotion of new artists and of the cultural heritage of Kos at the heart of its business activity.  The two hotels of the Group, “Kos Aktis Art Hotel” and “Kos Hotel Junior Suites”, from the first day of their operation actively participate to the cultural life of the island.

Inside the common areas of the “Kos Aktis Art Hotel” you can often enjoy art and photography exhibitions, while at the all-day bar - restaurant “H20” are frequently organized concerts of various kinds of music such as jazz, classical and modern.  Also, at the event room of “Kos Hotel Junior Suites” book presentations take place, seminars about arts and the effectiveness of their dissemination, thematic competitions, children’s workshops, theatrical performances and music conferences.  Lastly, in an attempt of essentially supporting the cultural associations of the island, all of their events and activities are taking place in our hotel.  

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VP Legacy Group