Nikolaos Pouliou was born in Melbourn on October 3 in 1964. Four years later, in 1969, his family returns to their hometown, in Kos. He spent his childhood years in the market, inside his father’s commercial shop, where he was introduced to the exciting world of commerce. In 1984 he graduated from the Intergrated Lyceum of Kos and begun with his studies in the School of Physical Education and Sport Science of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens and at the same time works as a Fitness Trainer for the sports club “Iraklis of Kos” (1983-1986).
When he had completed his studies in 1988, he immediately began working as a coach of the Sports Club “Hippocrates of Kos”, holding the diploma of expertise in coaching and more particularly in basketball. Also, he gets elected as a Member of the Municipal Council of Kos in 1986 taking the first step of his political career. As a member of the Greek Basketball Coaches Association, he creates the female and youth team of the club “S. C. Hippocrates of Kos” and remains a coach until 1992. He gets elected for the second time as a Member of the Municipal Council of Kos.
In 1985 he enters the world of tourism, as he gradually learns the operations of the hotel “Kos” working as an assistant in various positions. At the same year, he was accepted in the Law School of Athens, in the department of Economics. In 1986 he gets married to Julieta Vasileiou, who he had met when they were both young teenagers, and they give birth to two daughters. Moreover, since 1993 and for ten whole years he is the President of the Sports Club Hippocrates (kids, teenagers, male and female team, and a track and field team as well). He is also a sponsor for the team, offering, for many years now, his support and philoxenia to the club of Hippocrates.
In 1993 he takes over the administration of the hotel “Kos”, the first privately owned hotel in Kos, which belonged to the Vasileiou family. His political activities include, apart from being secretary, vice president and president of the Hoteliers Association of Kos from 1993 to 2008, his responsibilities as a deputy general secretary and a treasurer until 2009, and later as a vice president for the Hellenic Hoteliers Federation. In 2007 he gets elected as a Vice President of the Cooperative Bank of Dodecanese. His occupation with the political life continues, as in 2006 he gets elected at the Prefectural Administration of Dodecanese. He takes part in numerous committees and city councils, in sports and tourism committees etc.
In 2004, along with his wife, he decides to give to “Theoxenia”, the previously known as Kos Xenia, its former glory. The attempt of its renovation lasted almost ten months and was absolutely successful. In 2005, after five decades of inactivity, it opened its gates as “Kos Aktis Art Hotel” to welcome the island’s residents and travelers from all over the world, creating at the same time 40 permanent job positions at the very center of the city.
In 2009, they purchase the Xenia of Patmos and create “Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa”, the only five star hotel of the island, which opened its gates in 2011, putting Patmos on the tourist map of Greece. At the same year he is a Parliamentary candidate for Dodecanese and gets elected as a deputy member of the Parliament. After adding “Silver Beach” in Patmos, one more, small hotel of classical style, creating a Group- and that way offering to all the establishments owned by the family a common identity- is now necessary, and so “Divine Hotels” group is born. In 2017 the Group expands its operations even more in the island of Apocalypsis, as seven traditional houses open their doors to receive guests. On July 2018, he was declared an honorary Citizen of Patmos, for his great contribution to the touristic development of the island.
In 2023, the group will concentrate its operations on the island of Kos, departing from Patmos and embarking on a complete renovation of the historic "Kos Hotel" into a state-of-the-art 4-star facility, renaming it "Kos Divine Hotel & Suites." In addition, the "Thea Rooftop Bar & Lounge" operates in the same hotel, while the "Nonno Enzo" fresh gelato store is active in the Kos Aktis hotel space. Concurrently, the group continues its efforts in vertical integration and expansion by renting the "Agela Apartments" and "Seaside Studios" with the aim of renovating them into 4-star units.
Today, in 2024, he is fully committed to maintain the sustainable development and to ensure that quality products and services are offered to the guests of all the facilities of the Group, having fully embraced the sense of philoxenia as it was conceived in ancient Greece. Along with his wife, Julieta Vasileiou - Pouliou, from the very first day until today, he insists on supporting every considerable attempt in the fields of culture, of sports and science, and to help people in need.
VP Legacy Group
VP Legacy Group